Ceridian Investments has a lot of Tailor-made products managed by a team of young talented and dynamic professionals. These include:

Trade Credit/Business Start up Capital Trade Credit / Business Start-up Capital Scheme (SME) This product provides a lump sum of money to the member who wishes to start his/her business in the future

Target Saving  This product is designed to assist members in achieving a specified purpose and once the purpose is accomplished, it ceases or renew. For example, contribution for pilgrimage and towards festive period, etc. Member deposit in installment every month to get accumulative return on maturity. Target Savings is available for a minimum period of 4 months.

Monthly Income Plan: Is a product where member have to invest upfront to get the return every month till the end of the tenure of the respective Monthly Income plan. Tenure range from 9 months, 12 months and beyond. with competitive returns rate

Ceridian Double Scheme: Is a product where depositor/member contribute for a minimum of 180 days (6 months) and get two times of his/her contribution amount as a loan. Interest rate applicable

Education/School Fees Scheme: Is a product where Parent/Guardian saves for the education of their children/wards in installment for a minimum period of 3 months (A School Term). Minimum of 70% of the needed amount should be contributed while 30% of the needed amount may be gotten as a loan if the parent cannot contribute the 100% of the needed amount. Interest rate, terms and condition apply

TERM Deposit: Allow individuals to fix money for a chosen period of time and gain attractive interest rate

Asset Financing  We strongly believe that our members need not wait till they are able to save 100% of the asset value of their choice before enjoying the asset or converting it to a profitable venture. CAF is a concept of “Buy Now Pay Later” with flexible terms and conditions

Short-Term Credit (STC) STC is a personal loan to member, which is meant to solve urgent personal issues